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Waiting For My Valentine Tutorial

This tutorial was done using PSP 7.

Supplies ZIP includes: the 2 hearts tubes I made,
one beveled as shown above and one mosaic as shown below,
as well as the cat tube and the font, which is Hassan.

ZIP is here:

This is a very easy tag to make, no extra plugins or masks needed.
Just some good old cut and paste and a eraser :-)

Let's get started :)

Open a new image size 500 x 500, flood fill with white, rename this layer bottom.
Save as PSP image named waiting.

I am big on naming things, it keeps me straight as I work
and I will refer to them throughout the tutorial as we name them.

Open the Cat Present tube and copy paste it into your waiting image as new layer,
name this layer Cat.

Duplicate the Cat layer two times.
While the top copy of cat image is highlighted on your palette
go to Image / Mirror or do a CTRL M.
Using your mover tool, line the mirrored cat up using its chubby cheeks as a guildeline.
Rename this layer "cat no flower".

Should look like this:

Close off all layers except the cat no flower and bottom layer.

Make sure you are on the cat no flower layer and carefully erase the flower and stem.

I also used my retouch tool on "push" to push some of the brown color of the whiskers,
on to where some of the green from the flower stem still showed.

This layer should now look like this:

Don't forget to SAVE often.

Next close off the cat no flower layer and open the other copy of cat layer.
Rename this layer "flower only".
Making sure this layer is active, erase the cat from this layer.
Use the retouch/push tool if needed to cover any brown still on the flower stem.
Just erasing the mixed colors is not a good idea,
as it will not match up with the original cat layer later on.

This layer should now look like this:

While your flower only layer is still active, go to Image/Rotate or CTRL R,
rotate this RIGHT 3, NO check in All Layers.

Close off the bottom layer, open the cat no flower layer.
Merge visible and rename this layer merged cat.
Should have 3 layers: merged cat, cat and bottom:

Add a drop shadow to both cat layers.
I used: Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 3.

Open up your heart psp image. Copy / paste as new layer and duplicate once.

Add a drop shadow to both heart layers, using the same setting as before.

Duplicate your bottom layer once.

On your layer palette, close off your copy of bottom layer, copy of heart layer and merged cat layer.
Merge Visible.

Close off the merged layer, open the other 3 layers, Merge Visible again.

You should now only have 2 merged layers.


Now to add your text and animate it :)

Launch Animation Shop.

Click on Open Animation.

Find your saved Waiting PSP image, click on open.
You should now have the 2 frames of your image in AS screen.

Go back to PSP and make your text that we will propagate into your AS image.

Font and colors are your choice or you can use what I did as follows:

Hassan (enclosed) size 48.
Colors: Stroke: Black #000000, Fill: Red #C00000, Vector - Antilias with drop shadow:
Vertical 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 5, Color Black #000000

When you are happy with your text, save it, then CTRL C to copy it and then paste
it in AS as a new image on your screen (CTRL V).

In AS left click your Waiting image, to activte it, go to Edit / Propagate Paste, click it.
Then Edit / Select All, click it. All the frames should be highlighted in blue.

Go to your name or text, left click to activate it, then left click and hold your mouse on
the text and drag it into your first frame of your Waiting image.
While holding your left mouse down, position it where you want it, when happy, release your mouse.
This will place your text in both (all) your frames in the same position.

Repeat this for any other text you have to add to your animation.

Next, we want to change the frame properties to 75.
Go to Animation / Frame Properties, type in 75 and click ok.

It is a large animation so, crop out any excess around it and then resize it.
Edit / Select All, Animation / Resize Animation, Resize to 85% - bicubic resample
Click OK.

I re-sized a total of 2 times at 85% in the small tag below to get that size.

Click on View Animation
Go to File / Save As

Click Next all the way thru and finish.

There you go!!
Hope you enjoyed this one and don't have to wait too long for your Valentine:)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at:

~ Donkadawn (tm)~

Donkadawn wrote this Tutorial on February 2nd 2006.
Any similarities with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

The Cat Present tube was not made by me, it is a Rainbow Coffi creation.
The Heart tubes were made by me using presets.
Please do not change the file names when sharing.

Please feel free to share this tutorial by using a link to this page.
Please do not copy/paste this tutorial to any groups or claim this as your own.

Thank You!!