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Tubes Terms of Use

The tubes on my site are all tubed by me.
Either from what I believe are royalty free graphics
or I have been given permission to tube them by the artist.
If there is a problem with anything I have tubed regarding permission
please do not hesitate to contact me.

These tubes may not be used on a site with any commercial activities or
pornographic nature by theme.
These tubes are welcome on non-commercial projects only,
ie: sigs, tags, stationary, web sets, etc.

If you use a tube with artists info on it,
and decide to share it please DO NOT remove the artist info
or marks on the tube when you share it.
Artist info is there because that is the agreement I made with
the artist before I tubed it. Please respect that, as I would hate
to see my permission revoked because of someone elses disregard.
Please include credit for the artist, whenever possible, on your tag.

No redistribution or sale of these tubes or resulting graphics in any form,
you may not put these tubes up on your site or on a CD
and/or offer to others as your own.
This means you cannot offer them in a tube collection!

Download the tubes & graphics to your hard drive.
Linking directly to these images is bandwidth stealing
and is just plain wrong as well as illegal.
I will be changing the tube selection from time to time...
so linking to anything here would be plain stupid
and resulting in your images disappearing.
If this becomes a problem I will be forced to put in passwords
which are a pain for everyone.

Do not share my tubes by sending them through "tube groups".
I can share them myself within the groups I belong to.
It would be best if you only share a link to my pages for others
to download them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

~ Donkadawn ~