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Animated Spiking The Balloon Tutorial

This tutorial was done using PSP 7.

Supplies ZIP includes:
the Spike tube and the Font, which is Krazy4Scraps.

It is here:

I think this is a easy tag to make, even though I used a plugin.
Plugin is Almathera Warper

Plugin can be found here:
Almathera @ Punkistuff

Note: This can be done without the plugin by using the PSP "Twirl" function
and playing around with the settings.

Let's get started :)

Open the spike image.
Copy / paste as new image and close the original.

Save as PSP image named spike.

I am big on naming things, it keeps me straight as I work
and I will refer to them throughout the tutorial as we name them.

Resize the spike image by 85%, three times. Do not resize all layers.

Add a new layer, name it bottom, flood fill with white and send to the bottom of the palette.
I use this just so I can see what I am doing, it will be deleted later.

Duplicate the image one time, close off the image layer on the palette.
Highlight the copy of image.
On the copy of the image, using your freehand tool, outline the arm
and the pointer Spike is holding.

While the ants are marching around your selection, do a CTRL C to copy it
then paste as new image into PSP and save as arm.
Depending on how close you got to the pointer, you may have to clean some red off of the image.

It should look like this:

Go back to the Spike image with the marching ants still moving and
press delete to remove the arm from this layer.
Select none or CTRL D and then save.

Still on this copy of image layer, using your clone tool, repair the balloon.
We want to make this a whole balloon, without any black pointer marks on it.
I simply picked up the color above the black marks to clone with and also repaired the outline.

To make it look like this:

Rename this layer spike with balloon and duplicate it one time.
On this duplicate layer, using your freehand tool again,
outline the balloon with attached string.
While the ants are marching, CTRL C to copy and paste as new image in PSP.
Go back to the spike with balloon layer with the marching ants and
press delete to remove the balloon and string from this layer.
Then erase the string that is hanging down from under his arm.
Rename layer spike alone and save.

Duplicate spike with balloon layer two times. Close off all layers,
except spike with balloon and highlight this layer.
Go to your arm image and copy and paste as new layer into the spike image.
Name it arm and duplicate it two times. Close off the copies of the arm.
Move the arm layer behind the top of spikes head so that just
a small part of the "hand" and the pointer are visible.

Make sure all layers except spike with balloon and arm are closed off and
Merge visible and rename merged arm 1.

On next copy of spike with balloon and copy of arm, move the arm behind the head,
up and forward a bit, merge visible and rename merged arm 2.

Do the same with the last copy of spike with balloon and copy of arm.
Merge visible and rename merged arm 3.

Minimize the spike image for a while and go to your Balloon image that you set aside earlier.
Duplicate the balloon layer two times and close off the copies.

Highlight the bottom balloon layer on the palette,
do not use the selection tool that will give it marching ants.
If you do that it will make the balloon color black where it does not warp.
Go to effects / plugins and find your Almathera / A Warper plugin.

These are the settings I used:

Top layer: -41 warp factor, -11 twirl, 0 transparency.
Middle layer: -49 warp factor, -244 twirl, 0 transparency.
Bottom layer: -72 warp factor, -287 twirl, 0 transparency.

OR use whatever settings you prefer.

Note: I have found that, for me, this plugin does not seem to produce the same
results twice - even when using the same settings over again -
so have fun and play with it to achieve what you like.

Also if you do not have the Almathera Plugin you can go to
Effects / Geometric Effects / Twirl
Play with these settings and use rotate to get the desired effect for your balloon layers.

Next go back to your spike image. Duplicate spike alone layer 3 times.
Close off all layers except the spike alone layer and highlight it on the layer palette.
Go to your bottom layer of the warped balloon, copy / paste as new layer into spike image.
Position it where the "whole" balloon would have been and merge visible.
Rename this layer Merged Warp 1 and close this layer off.

Uncheck next copy of spike alone layer, highlight it, copy / paste middle balloon as new layer.
Position it a bit lower than the last warped balloon, merge visible,
rename Merged Warp 2, close it off.

Repeat this process for the last top warped balloon layer and a copy of spike layer.
Merge visible, rename Merged Warp 3.

You should have one copy of spike alone layer. Open and highlight it.
Go to your text tool and make your name or whatever text you choose.
The font I used is enlcosed but of course it is your choice :-)
Postion your text where the balloon used to be, rotate it if you want to,
convert to raster layer and merge visible, rename layer Merged name.

Delete the white bottom layer and open all your other layers.

Use the cropping tool to crop excess from around the image.

Rearrange your layers to look like this on your palette:

If you want a drop shadow, add it now to all layers.
I used: Vertical 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 40, Blur 5, Color Black #000000

Save as PSP image.

Now to animate it.

Launch Animation Shop

Click on Open Animation.
Find your saved Spike PSP image, click on open.
You should now have the 8 frames of your image in AS screen.
Left click your Spike image, to activte it, go to Edit / Select all, click it.
All the frames should be highlighted in blue.

Go to Animation / Animation Properties, put a tick in opague and change the color to white.
Click OK.
This will give you a white background to your animation.

This animation is still quite large and I resized it again now.
Edit / Select All, Animation / Resize Animation,
I re-sized a total of 3 times at 85% - Bicubic, in the small tag below to get that size.

AS defaults frame properties to 10. This is ok.
Frames 1 - 7 should be at 10 but change frame #8 to 75.

If you have a watermark you want to use, propagate it in now.

If satisfied with what you have at this point, run your animation and save:
Click on View Animation
Go to File / Save As

Click Next all the way thru and finish.

There you go!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at:

~Donkadawn (tm)~

Donkadawn wrote this Tutorial on February 18th 2006.
Any similarities with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

The Spike tube was not made by me, it is presented as I received it, made by JDG.
Please do not change the file names when sharing.

Please feel free to share this tutorial by using a link to this page.
Please do not copy/paste this tutorial to any groups or websites or claim this as your own.

Thank You!!