Animated Scooter Lucy Tutorial

Done in PSP 7 & Animation Shop

Supplies are here:

Open a new image in PSP - 400 x 600 - transparent.
Open SWDLucy Tube, highlight Merged layer.
Copy/Paste into your new 400x600 and rename this layer: Image.
Close out the original SWD Tube.
I usually work with a bottom background layer so I can see better,
so rename layer 1 to Bottom and flood fill with white.

On your layer palette, duplicate Image once and close it off.

Go to your copy of image, highlight and using your Freehand Selection Tool:
point to point
Feather: 0

Roughly outline the back leg from the crease in the leg, counter clockwise around the foot and leg,
up to where the two legs meet and cut over to your starting point.

Right click to get your marching ants moving.

CRTL C to copy, right click in PSP and paste as new image off to the side for the moment.

Back to copy of image with it's marching active ants and press delete and then CRTL D.
You should have something that looks like this:

Go back to the leg you cut out and set to the side:
Copy / paste it into the Lucy image and rename it: Leg Down
Close off the copy of image and open Image:

We will need to rotate the leg down layer now, so go to Image / Rotate
and then move the leg down into a position similar to this:

Because I am old and senile most of the time *grin*
at this point I rename my copy of image to one leg image

Duplicate Image, again and move it so your layer palette looks like this:

On your Copy of Image, once again use your Freehand Selection Tool, same settings as before,
to cut the back leg out - again - BUT this time bring your cursor up along the back side of the
leg down layer to form the back of the leg down. Confused? Screenshot should help:)

Right Click to activate marching ants and then delete.
You should have something similar to this:

At this point I used my eraser tool:

Shape: Round Size: 10 Hardness 50
Opacity: 100 Step: 25 Density: 100

On the Leg Down layer to remove the line and blend the pattern better, at the top of the image,
where it meets the Copy of Image layer.
See the difference between this screenshot and the previous one of the leg?
The blend will help the animation to look better.

Next close off all layers except Copy of Image and Leg Down layer.
Merge Visible, rename this layer Merged Leg Down.

Delete One Leg Image layer.

Delete Bottom layer.

You should now have only two layers:

Merged leg, down layer and image layer.

My final animation above has a drop shadow on it..
add one now if you want it, use your favorite settings:)

Go to File / Save Copy As and save as PSP.

Are you still with me??

Open you new PSP image in AS using the Animation Wizard and these settings:
Same size as first image
next- opague, white
next- centered in the frame
and with the canvas color
next- yes, repeat animation for 45
next- add your Scooter Lucy PSP image
next- Finish
You should now have two frames of your image on a white background in AS screen.

Now is where you add your name/text if you choose to.
Still in AS:
Go to Edit / Propagate Paste and click it on.
Then again to Edit / Select All

Now go back to your PSP screen to make your name/text

Open a new transparent image 325 x 100
Choose your favorite font and colors
I used Alan Den
Colors: Stroke: Blue #7194d6
Fill: Pink #d11651
Text size 40
Vector - Antilias with a drop shadow the same as above.
Copy your text Image.

Go back to AS and CTRL-V to paste your name/text image as new animation
Left click and hold on this image and drag it
into the first frame of your Scooter Lucy animation
holding the button down while you drag your name/text where you want it to be...
when satisfied release the button
It will paste your name/text on all frames in the same spot.

Go to Animation / Resize Animation
Resize to 50% - bicubic resample
Click OK.

Click on View Animation

Go to File / Save As

Click Next all the way thru and finish.

It is done!!


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at:

~ Donkadawn (tm) ~

Donkadawn wrote this Tutorial on April 15th 2005
Any similarities with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

The SWD Lucy tube was tubed by SWD

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Thank You for bearing with me!!