Animated Rocking Car Tutorial

This tutorial was done using PSP 7 & AS

Tube was not done by me and is zipped and used as I received it.
Please keep all info on the tube the same if you share it.


Open car image in PSP, copy image and close original one.
Resize canvas to 400 x 400
Now is the time to add a drop shadow if you choose to.
I used the following settings:

Duplicate the car image 2 times.
Close off the two duplicates and rename the original image Car Left and close it off.
Go to the center image and rename Car Center and rotate it RIGHT 15 and close it off.
Go to the top image and rename it Car Right and rotate it RIGHT 30.

Add a new layer, which I always call bottom :)
and flood fill with white and then duplicate it 2 times.
Close off all but Car Right and the original bottom layer,
make sure one of them is highlighted on the palette and merge visible.

Rename this new merged layer Merged Right.

Repeat the same steps for the other two car layers,
merging each with a copy of bottom layer so you wind up with only three layers:
Merged right
Merged center
Merged left
all with a white background

Now to make the "skid marks"
Close off right and left merged and highlight the Merged Center image on the palette.
Activate TEXT TOOL
Size 12, font of choice, no stroke, Black fill, vector-antilias
do 4 dashes then enter, do 6 dashes then enter do 8 dashes as in the screen shot...

Click OK, move the lines under the left wheel of the car,
convert to layer, add a drop shadow if you choose to and rename left lines.
(I know.. I like to rename a lot of things.. helps the old feeble brain to remember where I am)
Duplicate the left lines, rename to right lines *grin*,
mirror the right lines & move into position under the right wheel of the car.

Duplicate both the Right and Left lines layer 2 times.
Close off all but one of the right lines, left lines and the Merged Center car
and Merge Visible and... you got it.. rename Merged Center Car.

Close off the Merged Center Car.
Open the Merged Left car and one each of the left and right lines.
Move the lines under the wheels.
Merge Visible and rename Merged Left car
Close it off.

Move layer so the copies of the lines are on top of the Merged Right car.

Once again move the lines into position under the wheels.
Merge Visible and rename Merged Left Car.

Save this as your Master.

Now for text and animation

Open AS.
Open your master in AS.
Still in AS:
Go to Edit / Propagate Paste and click it on.
Then again to Edit / Select All

Now go back to your PSP screen to make your name/text

Open a new transparent image 375 x 100

Choose your favorite font and colors
I used Kosal Says Hy
Colors: Stroke: Blue #5F91C2
Fill: Red #E2544C
Text size 28
Vector - Antilias
and I used a drop shadow the same as above.

Copy your text Image.
Go back to AS and CTRL-V to paste your name/text image as new animation
Left click and hold on this image and drag it into the first frame of your Car animation
holding the button down while you drag your name/text
where you want it to be... when satisfied release the button
It will paste your name/text on all frames in the same spot.

Repeat the above 2 steps to add your name to the bottom of the image.

Crop this if desired.

Go to Animation / Resize Animation
Resize to 50% - bicubic resample
Click OK.

The go to EDIT / Select All.
then ANIMATION / Frame Properties and change it to 25.

Then view animation and SAVE AS.

That is all :)


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at:

~ Donkadawn (tm) ~

Donkadawn wrote this Tutorial on June 22nd 2005
Any similarities with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

The Rocking Car was tubed by Addicted 2 Graphix

Please feel free to share this tutorial by using a link to this page.
Please do not copy/paste this tutorial to any groups or claim this as your own.

Hope you enjoyed!!