Yes!!!! Another Quilt has been added to the WWW for all to see:-)
Please feel free to take a look, click on the individual license plates to visit
my friends sites and have fun!!

If you would like to add a License Plate piece to my quilt
it's real easy to do.
Just go to Acme License Maker
make a plate, copy & paste it and send it to me in jpg format.
WHALLA!! real simple.
No graphic skills required on your part what so ever
and no other requirements.
You don't even have to have a home page to link to
as I will be adding some plates that do not have a home page,
just for fun, so be creative.

Note: Due to the various sizes of the different plates
and in order to retain the individuality, I am leaving all the plates in the
size they were made in... so the quilt may look a little crazy!!

To send me your Plate just click on the email plate below...
put QUILT in the subject line so I get it.