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~ Magelo Backgrounds ~

Donkas Den is proud to provide Resilience Guild Members,
an Everquest Guild on EMarrs Server,
with some Magelo backgrounds to use to showcase their characters,
designed by: HiirshsCreations(tm).

Magelo - Powering Communities
provides an EverQuest character management tool that
will let you build profiles like the ones below.

NOTE: These two personal Magelo Profiles are not for general use
and will not be duplicated. Sorry, they are taken already :)


*********************** ~ NOTICE ~ ****************************

Magelo has TOTALLY changed their formats and these backgrounds will no longer work as intended !!
All Magelo backgrounds on Donkas Den are designed to be used with 1024x768 browser resolution,
which seems to be the most popular screen resolution on the web.

********** ~ BUT ~ **********

Magelo has gone to a format that only uses a max. sized background of 800 x 600.

These will not work with this new format that Magelo is using.

I am working on making these fit the new specs. but it will take some time.

If you see one that you want to use, please just send Hiirsh a email at the address listed below
and I will have it converted for you.

Conversion will change it a bit... sorry about that!


DO NOT use MY background link to load your magelo.
Save the background to your hard drive and upload to a host of your choice.
These will change frequently so you will lose what you tried to hot link to.
If I find any hot linking from my site I will be forced to take them all down.

A good source to load your Magelo background to is:

Click on the thumbnails to see the full screen version.

More will be posted as time permits.

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Class Specific

Bard Epic Magelo    Cleric Epic Magelo

Druid Epic Magelo    Wizard Epic Magelo

Female Warrior Magelo    Female Cleric Magelo

Beastlord Magelo    Shaman Magelo

Necro Magelo    Paladin Magelo

Warrior-Epic Magelo


General Book and Time Magelo    General Tree Magelo

General Hands Magelo    General Worlds Magelo

General Female Magelo    General Chessboard / Paladin Magelo

General Dragon Magelo

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hiirsh or myself.

Hiirsh will do minor changes and add names to the current posted Magelos,
as well as a siggy to match the Magelo you choose.
Get with her in game or by email for info.

Please put "Magelo" in the subject line or the email might get missed.

For non Resilience members please send a email to Hiirsh for details & fees.

~ Hiirsh ~

~ Donkadawn ~

Thanks for visiting!

Check back soon for more additions!!