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~ Listen ~

I did not listen
although I heard,
each and every single word.

He made his wishes loud and clear.
I guess I just didn't
want to hear.

How could I
have been so blind.
I should have known, I'd met his kind.

All of a sudden I felt whole and alive.
He made me know
on this I could thrive.

For the lonely years
might again be filled.
With a smile a day, my heart so thrilled.

He made his wishes loud and clear.
I plainly didn't
want to hear.

I've lost it all
this is my fear
I didn't listen
I didn't hear.

by: Loretta Ann *aka: Donkadawn*
© 2000 Loretta Ann (All rights reserved)
Used With Permission
Starlight Cafe


Midi is: I'LL REMEMBER © Bruce DeBoer and used with permission