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Animated Koala Birthday Box Tutorial

This tutorial was done using PSP 7 & Animation Shop

This is a simple tag to make and I hope you have fun with it.

Supplies are here:

Open the Koala tube.
Copy / paste as new image, rename it image, close original tube.
Resize canvas: Image/resize canvas, 500 x 500.
Add a new raster layer, send it to the bottom of the palette,
flood fill with white and rename it bottom.
Save as psp image and name it birthday box.

Anyone who has done my tuts before knows that I am big on naming layers
because it keeps my senile brain straight while making my animations and
and I will refer to the layers along the way as I named them.

Please remember to SAVE often :)

Duplicate the image one time.
Close off the image and left click on the copy of the image to make it the active layer.
On this copy of image we will be deleting the bear.
Using your freehand tool: Point to Point, Feather: 0,
go along the bottom of the box lid and down across the top of the bottom part of the box.

Should look like this with your marching ants active:

Next delete the active area, just press delete key once.
Then CTRL D or selections / select none.

Should look like this now:

Using your freehand tool again, outline loosely the top of the box.
You do not have to be on the edges, just enough so you can copy this image.

When you have your marching ants active around the box top, CRTL C to copy it:
Then right click on your screen to paste it as new image.
Leave it there on your screen and go back to your copy of image and
delete the area in your marching ants, which should be your box top.
Then CTRL D to select none and save again.

Next go back to the box top that you just pasted as a new image.
Left click to hightlight it, right click to copy it and
go back to your birthday box image and left click to hightlight it,
right click to paste the box top as new layer.
Rename this new layer as box top.

Next, using your mover tool, move the box top layer down so that it just
covers the top of the box bottom and the ribbon on the right side lines up.

Next, on your layer palette, left click on the copy of image layer to highlight it.
Using your freehand tool, you will delete the part on the box bottom
that is showing behind the top of the box.

Once you have your marching ants active, press delete once and then CTRL D
or selections / select none.

Should look like this now:

Next, on your layer palette, highlight your box top layer.
Again, using your freehand tool, you are going to remove the excess of the box top
that hangs over the sides of the box to make it even with the bottom of the box
on your copy of image layer.
Zoom in on your image, to see it better, if needed, and on the left side of the box top
using your freehand tool, feather 0, point to point, outline and delete the
excess to line up with the bottom of the box like this:

When you have your marching ants active and where you want them
delete and then CTRL D or Selections / select none.

To make the top left side of the box match better with the bottom
left side of the box, I drew a line to "outline" it.

Use your dropper tool to pick a matching color. I used #A3694F as my stroke color.
Then using your draw button: Point to Point, width 1, with no background color,
draw a line along the left side edge of the box top the bottom of the copy of image.

Before you do the right side of the box, on your layer palette,
make sure image and bottom layer are closed off.
Left click the layers to get the red X.
Right click copy of image layer to highlight it, then right click it and
merge / merge visible. Rename this layer closed box.
Open bottom layer again.

Should look like this now:

Next, do the right side of the box. Zoom out a bit and using your freehand tool again
outline and remove the excess of the box top.
NOTE: I also removed a small amount of the ribbon, lining it up with the ribbon
that runs along the bottom of hte box.

When you have your marching ants in place, delete and CTRL D.
Then using your draw tool again, and the same color as you picked before
on the left side, add a matching line to the ribbon on the top of the box
where you just removed part of the ribbon.
On my image I used the retouch tool, on PUSH, Shape: Round, Size 13,
hardness 0, opacity 50, step 25, density 100, to push some of the color in the bottom
part of the ribbon onto the top part of the ribbon to blend it a bit better.

I also picked color #674846 from the edge of the box top and drew straight lines,
using my draw tool, over the existing ones to redefine
the bottom lines of the top of the box some more.
This example shows the above step but I used a green line in case I was not
clear as to where to do this step :)


Next we add a drop shadow to both layers, closed box and image.
Drop: Veritcal 1, Horizontal 10, Opacity 20, Blur 5, color black #000000:

Delete the bottom white layer, move the closed box layer to the bottom of the palette.
You should now have a total of 2 layers, in this order on your layer palette.

Now to add your text and animate it :)

Launch Animation Shop.

Click on Open Animation.

Find your saved birthday box PSP image, click on open.
You should now have the 2 frames of your image in AS screen.

Go back to PSP and make your text that we will propagate into your AS image.

Font and colors are your choice or you can use what I did as follows:

Open new transparent image in PSP size 400 x 100. Choose a font and colors or use:
Al Boogie Woogie (enclosed) size 48.
Colors: Stroke: Red #CD423F, Fill: Green #A3AE6A, Vector - Antilias with drop shadow:
Vertical 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 5, Color Black #000000

When you are happy with your text, save it, then CTRL C to copy it and then paste
it in AS as a new image on your screen (CTRL V).

In AS left click your birthday box image, to activte it, go to Edit / Propagate Paste, click it.
Then Edit / Select All, click it. all the frames should be highlighted in blue.

Go to your name or text, left click to activate it, then left click and hold your mouse on
the text and drag it into your first frame of your Birhtday Box image.
While holding your left mouse down, position it where you want it, when happy, release your mouse.
This will place your text in both (all) your frames in the same position.

Repeat this step for any and all the text your are using on this animation.

Next to give your animation a white background, go to Animation / Animations Properties
Click on the canvas color tab, put a dot in opaque and left click in color box to choose your color.
Click OK and you should have a white background in your Birthday Box image.

Next, we want to change the frame properties of each frame,
by RIGHT clicking on each individual frame, choose frame properties,
and use the following settings:

Frame 1 = 50
Frame 2 = 100

This is a large image so you will want to resize it.
Go to Animation / Resize Animation
Resize to 85% - bicubic resample
Click OK.
I resized a total of 3 times at 85% in the small tag below to get that size.

There will probably be some excess around the top, right and bottom of your image.
You can use your crop tool in AS to crop it off.

Click on View Animation

If you are happy with it....

Go to File / Save As and save...

That's it! You are done:)

As with any siggy tag, this one has many possibilites, so have fun with it :)


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at:

~ Donkadawn (tm)~

Donkadawn (tm) wrote this Tutorial on November 4th 2005.
Any similarities with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please feel free to share this tutorial by using a link to this page.
Please do not copy/paste this tutorial to any groups or claim this as your own.

The Koala/Birthday Box tube was made by Jazzl.

It is named the same as I received it, please do not change the file name if shared.

Thank You for animating with me!!