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Animated Christmas Tree Lights Tutorial

This tutorial was done using PSP 7 & Animation Shop

This is a simple tag to make and I hope you have fun with it.

I have included the font I used
as well as the tubes used on my 2 animated trees but as always
whatever your preference is works for me :)

Supplies are here:

Open the Tree tube.
Copy/paste as new image, rename it tree, close original tube.
Resize image: Image/resize image, 85% one time.
Do not resize all layers. Just the tree image.
Add a drop shadow.
I used: Drop: Veritcal 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 5, color black #000000

Add a new raster layer, send it to the bottom of the palette,
flood fill with white and rename it bottom.
I only use this bottom layer to see what I am doing.
Save as psp image and name it Tree.

Anyone who has done my tuts before knows that I am big on naming layers
because it keeps my senile brain straight while making my animations and
and I will refer to the layers along the way as I named them.

Please remember to SAVE often :)

Next open the lights tube.
Copy/paste as new image and close the original tube.
What I did next was to make three tubes out of the one lights tube.
It was easier for me to place the lights on the tree
by making smaller tubes.
Like this:

Copy/paste your lights, as new layers, into the Tree image.
Once you have your tree decorated with your lights as you want it,
close off all layers except the lights layers and merge/visible.
Rename this new merged layer: lights.

Since there are 7 different colors in this lights tube we will next
duplicate the lights layer 6 times for a total of 7 lights layers.
I renamed each layer one of the colors of the lights, easier to keep track :-)

Close off all the lights layers but red one. Then using your selections tool:
settings: Eclipse and feather 1
hold the shift key down and outline each of the red light bulbs on that layer.
Try not to get any of the green base of the bulbs.
Might want to zoom in to about 3:1 to see them better while doing it.
Lights should be outlined like this:

When you have all the red lights outlined and the marching ants are still active
go to Selections/modify/contract 1.
Keep the layer active with your marching ants and go to
Colors/Brightness-Contrast settings: Brightness 40 - Contour 0, click ok, then CTRL D.
Close the red layer off on your layer palette, open another color layer
and repeat the above steps. Do this for each layer of lights.

Don't forget to SAVE frequently :-)

Next open your Candy Cane or Poinsetta tube. I have included both in the supplies.
Copy/paste as new image and close off the original.
Resize this tube. Image/resize, percent of original 85%, NO check in resize all layers.
I use this formula for all resizing of any tubes as the quality of the resized tube is much
better then if you just take it down 40 or 50%.
So resize the candy cane about 10 times to a size that you like.
Copy/paste this tube as new layer onto your Tree image as many times as you want to decorate it.

When you have as many candy canes as you want on the tree,
close off all the layers but the candy cane layers and merge visible.
Rename this merged layer candy canes.
Add a drop shadow to the merged candy cane layer and duplicate this layer 6 times.

The drop shadow I used is:
I used: Drop: Veritcal 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 5, color black #000000

Highlight the tree layer on your palette and duplicate the tree 6 times.
You should now have 7 tree layers, 7 lights layers and 7 candy cane layers.
Arrange them like this:
candy cane

Close off all layers, as shown above, left click on the open tree layer,
to highlight it, right click it to merge/visble, rename it the color of the lights.
Repeat this process until you have only 7 layers each merged with the candy canes and tree.
You should also have the bottom layer still. Delete it as you see fit as it will not be used.

Palette should now look like this:

Save as PSP tree image.

Now to add your text, santa/presents and to animate it :)

I made my santa/presents image in PSP on a seperate layer in my Tree image, to size them right
and then deleted that layer before I went to AS.
We are going to Propagate the presents in AS onto the Tree animation.
I prefer doing it this way to avoid more merging layers in PSP
and they will line up beautifully on all 7 frames!

So open your Santa image, copy/paste, close original,
resize 85%, bicubic, as many times as needed.
Open the presents images, copy/paste, close original,
resize 85%, bicubic, as many times as needed.

Copy/Paste them into the tree image as new layers, arrange as you like,
add a drop shaodow, same as above, close off all the tree layers and merge visible.
Should have all your presents on one layer now. Copy/paste this layer into PSP as a new image
and then delete it off of your tree image.

SAVE as PSP image.

Next make your text as new layer on the Tree image.
Font and colors of choice or use what I did:
Murga Font (enclosed) size 72.
Colors: Stroke: Green #008000, Fill: Red #E93A28, Vector - Antilias.
Add a drop shadow:
Vertical 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 5, Color Black #000000

SAVE as PSP image.

Now you should have text psp image x2, santa with presents psp image x1
and one tree psp image, with 7 layers.

Launch Animation Shop.

Click on Open Animation.

Find your saved Tree PSP image.
You should now have the 7 frames of your image in AS screen.

In AS left click your Tree image, to activte it, go to Edit/Propagate Paste, click it.
Then Edit/Select All, click it. All 7 frames should be highlighted in blue.

Next to give your animation a white background, go to Animation/Animations Properties
Click on the canvas color tab, put a dot in opaque, left click in color box, choose your color.
Click OK and you should have a white background in all 7 Tree image frames.

Next open your merged santa with presents image in AS.
Left click to activate it, then left click and hold your mouse on
the image and drag it into your first frame of your Tree image.
While holding your left mouse down, position it where you want it, when happy, release your mouse.
This will place your image in all your frames, in the same position.

Repeat this step for the text you are using on this animation.

Do the same if you are adding a watermark.

There will probably be some excess around your image.
You can use your crop tool in AS to crop it off.

This is a large image so you will want to resize it.
Go to Animation / Resize Animation
Resize to 85% - bicubic resample
Click OK.
I resized a total of 4 times, after cropping the excess,
in the small tag below to get that size.

Your AS frame properties should be defaulted to 10, this is what we are using.

Click on View Animation

If you are happy with it....

Go to File / Save As and save...

That's it! You are done:)

As with any siggy tag, this one has so many possibilites, you can't help but to have fun with it :)


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at:

~ Donkadawn (tm)~

Donkadawn (tm) wrote this Tutorial on November 25th 2005.
Any similarities with any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please feel free to share this tutorial by using a link to this page.
Please do not copy/paste this tutorial to any groups or claim this as your own.

The tubes were not made by me and are named as I received them,
please do not change the file name if you share them.

Candy Cane tube by Susie G, Santa and Poinsetta tubes by BLB,
Lights tube by Rainbow Coffi, Tree tube by BP, one of the
present by KAP and the other is a JASC tube from their files.

Thank You for animating with me!!

Merry Christmas!!