Welcome to My Garden of Calling Cards
This background was made for me by a VERY Special Fairy
from the Site Fights for Valentines Day
I hope I am doing it honor by making it
My Garden of Calling Cards

As with everything there are "terms". My terms are simple...

1: Most of the cards are blank and
I would be happy to put text on them if you email me.
Let me know which one and what you want on it
and I will send it back as a JPG file to you.

2: These are freeware and do not require a link back.

3: I would appreciate it if you did NOT remove the logo on the card.

4: You may use them in guest books or on pages as gifts, etc.
but the "etc" does not include listing
them on your own pages, as your own or to be offered to others to use.

5: All of these cards were made with tubes and bg's that I found on the
internet, none are made by scratch by me...
if anyone has a problem with any of them please email me
and I will remove them.
I will be making a page of links/credits for the tubes I used.

6: Do not hotlink these cards from my site...
you know the drill and I will be changing the cards often.

7: Please DO NOT take this background.
It is not freeware, it was a gift to me.

8: Most importantly... have fun with them!

Now go dust some guestbooks or send someone some cheer!!

Midi is: GENTLE ęBruce DeBoer and used with permission