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Ever come across something on the internet that you just knew you had no use for??
Aww come on... surely there was something? *g*
No huh??

Well guess what.. you have just come across it!!

Yep, this is the page where you can get an absolutely, positively, fully guaranteed,
Wacky Useless Adoption!!

Why is it useless you might ask...

Well let me count the ways!!

1: Who in the world needs a His or Her graphic ladder?? Either decorated or not?

2: Use this in a guest book? For who? Your friends?? What would you say? Happy Birthday?
Or maybe "Have a great climb"?? Gee.. it's not MT. Everest *g*
Better yet, "Sorry you fell"?
Hmmm... I think not.

3: I know, send it to an enemy...
Sure, now they can confirm what they suspected all along...

4: Thinking it could decorate a web page?? Yeah RIGHT!!
Doesn't everyone have or yearn for a page with Ladders? *s*

See what I mean?

BUT on the other hand... if you really feel you need it... here it is!!

In full living color at best.
You have your choice... His or Hers
Decorated or none decorated
And just to make sure you have a usless item for the whole family
I have included one each for the kiddies... what more could you ask for??

So look around, see what you can see. I have suggested some different holiday
themes, complete with tacky decorations *g*

And if you are really desperate... I can personalize it for you...
Just send me an email with the graphic included and I will get it RIGHT back to you
Don't forget to tell me what wacky thing you want written on it!!

Only rule is that you may not hotlink the graphic to this site and
I would prefer that you NOT tell your friends where you got it from *g*





Need something for the kids?? Got that to.. and fully decorated:


Gotta have that holiday Martha Stewart decorated ladder?? *g*

Well here are a few to choose from!!





Thanks for stopping by... this page was part of a joke/contest among our nutty group members :)

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